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5 medicare benefits that could save you thousands

5 Medicare Benefits That Could Save You Thousands

It’s recommended that you review your Medicare plan at least once per year, traditionally during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

A plan review with a licensed agent can expose how your plan will change in the coming year, including any cost increases and loss of coverage, doctors, or prescription medications.

If you’re enrolled in an Orignal Medicare plan, there are benefits that you’re missing out on – or likely paying out-of-pocket for. Before finalizing your plan decision this year, consider whether you need these benefits in the coming plan year. You could begin saving yourself thousands of dollars per year.

1. Comprehensive dental coverage

If enrolled in Original Medicare, you could be missing out on dental coverage. Comprehensive dental coverage can include exams, cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, root canals, dental implants, and more.

If you haven’t visited a dentist in the past year, you could be risking your dental and overall health. Plus, delaying routine care often leads to higher out-of-pocket costs once you need urgent care.

Medicare Advantage plans start at a $0 premium and often come with comprehensive dental coverage. If you’d like to review Medicare dental plans in your area, speak with a local licensed agent. Call (623) 223-8884 (TTY: 711).

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2. Hearing aids coverage

The average cost of a single hearing aid is $1,500 – with a pair being around $3,000. And Original Medicare does not cover the cost. Your hearing exams, hearing aid equipment, and any associated office visits would be entirely out-of-pocket. Most Medicare beneficiaries who seek hearing services spend between $960 and $3,600 per year out-of-pocket.

Many  Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive hearing coverage, including exams and hearing aids. Medicare Advantage plans start at a $0 monthly premium and often include vision, hearing, and dental services. To discover which Medicare Advantage hearing plans are available in your area, speak with a local licensed agent. Call (623) 223-8884 (TTY: 711).

Agent tip:

“A Medicare Advantage plan could help you save thousands on these five benefits, starting at a $0 monthly premium.“

3. Cataract surgery coverage

Original Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of “traditional” cataract surgery – traditional, meaning intraocular lens implants. You would be responsible for the 20% coinsurance for the procedure. This could cost you anywhere from $300 to $800 – or more, depending on where the procedure occurs and the complexity of the surgery. Plus, Original Medicare won’t pay for the exam required to diagnose the issue.

You’ll have to pay most, if not all, of the cost if you want laser, New Technology Intraocular Lenses (NTIOLS), or other advanced lens options.

With a vision Medicare Advantage plan, your eye exam and cataract surgery would likely be performed without coinsurance, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. If you’d like to explore your area’s Medicare Advantage vision plans, we’d be happy to help. Call (623) 223-8884 to speak with one of our local licensed agents.

4. Comprehensive vision coverage

If you have prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you’re aware of the out-of-pocket costs for vision care.

Why? Because Original Medicare Part A and B don’t cover comprehensive vision. On the low end, a prescription eye exam and glasses could cost $315. This, plus contacts, could be a substantial out-of-pocket expense for you.

Luckily, most Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive vision coverage – including prescription eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. Medicare Advantage plans start at a $0 monthly premium and may include dental and hearing coverage as well. If you’d like to learn more about Medicare Advantage vision plans in your area, Connie Health can help. Call (623) 223-8884, and a local licensed agent can help you find a plan with the benefits you need.

5. Chiropractic coverage

Original Medicare will cover chiropractic services for an acute or chronic subluxation, but only after your Part B deductible is met. And you’ll still be required to pay 20% coinsurance for any Medicare-approved services.

If you want routine chiropractic care for maintenance, Original Medicare won’t help much. That type of service would be entirely out-of-pocket.

However, some Medicare Advantage plans cover chiropractic services, including routine services. A Connie Health licensed insurance agent can help you find a plan that works with your current chiropractor, starting for as little as $0 per month. If you’d like your routine chiropractic care covered, call (623) 223-8884 to speak with an agent.

Many services and equipment are not covered by Original Medicare Part A and Part B. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you know how expensive it is to pay out-of-pocket for services and equipment not covered, especially for routine dental, hearing, and vision.

You could save thousands of dollars annually by enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan. Stop paying out-of-pocket – or for coinsurance, and discover the savings a Medicare Advantage could provide you. Call (623) 223-8884 to speak with a local licensed agent about the benefits you want.

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