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New to Medicare: The Essential Guide
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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Checklist
Your Ultimate Guide: The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period
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New to Medicare Checklist
Annual Enrollment Period Checklist
Medicare 101
Medicare 101 is presented by Sid Martinez from Connie Health. He is a licensed agent and General Manager with over 11 years of Medicare expertise. By the end of the presentation, you'll know when and how to apply for Medicare - and your Medicare options.
Founder Featured on FOX
Connie Health's co-founder Oded Eran joined FOX 26 Houston's Melissa Wilson to discuss the free no-obligation advisory service that Connie Health provides
Top Reasons to Review Your Medicare Plan
During AZTV Channel 7's Arizona Daily Mix, Brad Perry interviewed Connie Health's very own co-founder David Luna from his home in Glendale, Arizona. David shared the top reasons to review your Medicare plan.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Medicare?
Medicare is a government-run medical insurance program for United States citizens (plus permanent residents with more than 5 years continuous residency) who are age 65 and older or people at any age with disabilities.
What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?
Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) coverage is administered by private insurance companies contracted with Medicare. Medicare Part C covers everything that Original Medicare (parts A and B) covers and may cover extra benefits as well such as prescription drugs, dental, vision and hearing care.
What is Medicare Part D
Medicare Part D refers to optional prescription drug coverage. This is not covered by Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans, but is often covered by Medicare Advantage policies. You can also purchase separate Plan D coverage.
What do Medigap policies cover?
Medicare Supplement plans cover out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare parts A & B. This includes the 20% that Medicare does not pay plus coinsurance and co-payments. It does not cover prescription drug expenses or any other costs not covered under Medicare parts A & B.
What is Medicare assignment?
Medicare assignment means: The provider submits your insurance claim directly to Medicare, the provider can’t charge you for submitting the claim, and the provider has agreed to accept what Medicare pays for your claim.
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