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Medicare Costs

How much does Medicare cost? Most Medicare plans have a premium and other out-of-pocket costs. Learn what your Medicare costs could be and programs that could help you save on premiums, prescription drugs, copays, coinsurance, and more.

Does Medicare cover Wegovy?

Judith from Tampa, Florida, writes to ask Connie, "Does Medicare cover Wegovy?" Read to discover the answer.Read more

Does Medicare cover Ozempic?

Adeline from Houston, Texas, writes to ask Connie, "Does Medicare cover Ozempic?" Read to discover the answer.Read more

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2023 Cost of Medicare Part B Premium, Deductible & More

Wondering about the cost of Medicare Part B? Discover the Medicare Part B premium, deductible, coinsurance & copayment costs for 2023.Read more

2023 COLA Social Security: Does the 8.7% Increase Matter?

The 2023 COLA Social Security was announced, but will you ultimately benefit from the 8.7% increase? What does it mean for your pocketbook?Read more

Inflation Reduction Act & Medicare: 3 Ways You Could Benefit Starting January 2023

How does the Inflation Reduction Act impact your Medicare coverage and costs? Discover 3 ways you could benefit in 2023.Read more

2023 Medicare and Medicaid in Texas: Eligibility & How to Enroll

Do you or a loved one need Medicare and Medicaid in Texas? Discover the programs available, eligibility requirements, and how to enroll.Read more

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