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About Us

Connie Health helps you live healthier while spending less on healthcare.

Medicare technology

About Us

Connie Health helps you live a healthier and happier life while spending less on healthcare.

How Connie's Story Began

While working at a leading primary care provider, our co-founders Oded Eran, David Luna, and Michael Scopa witnessed time and time again how difficult, confusing, and often frustrating healthcare is for older Americans.

Finding a trustworthy agent who doesn’t treat you like a transaction is difficult. The hundreds of Medicare plan options can make you feel overwhelmed. Plus, finding quality care, and understanding your plan and its costs can leave you frustrated. We know. Our founders have seen it all.

“We believe we will transform healthcare in America by empowering consumers to make informed decisions. If consumers choose high-performing plans and providers their health will improve and costs will go down.”

Navigating Healthcare with Connie Health

Connie Health helps you live a healthier and happier life while spending less on healthcare. This is achieved by finding your optimal healthcare plan with the best doctors available. And by helping you navigate your plans’ benefits—and the Medicare system.

We achieve this by pairing technology with local Medicare expertise and personalized human interactions. Connie Health’s AI-backed plan recommendations software simplifies the selection process with unbiased plan advice based on the doctors, medications, and benefits that are important to you—and available in your community.

All the while, a local licensed expert is available to answer your questions and guide you through the process to help make the right decision for yourself or your loved ones. Once enrolled in a plan, you have access to a local Medicare care team. Your care team can help you find doctors and specialists, and explain your plan benefits.

Built on Relationships

Healthcare is community-based and built upon personal relationships and trust. And so is Connie Health. That’s why all of our licensed experts are local, use the same doctors and pharmacies as you, and can meet you in person.

We take our relationships to heart. So much so that the company is named after co-founder Michael Scopa’s maternal grandmother, Connie Francis.

How Does Connie Health Make Money?

Our advice is honest and our business model supports that. We provide our services at no cost to you. Unbiased advice is assured as our agents receive the same commission regardless of the insurance company or plan selected. Therefore, we recommend plans based solely on individual needs and not financial incentives.