Turning 65 and Medicare Coverage

Medicare and You

You probably never thought about Medicare until you started to get close to age 65. (Don't worry, no one does!)

But making the right Medicare coverage choices might be among the most important decisions of your life.

All of the different choices can seem a little confusing and intimidating, but they don’t have to be.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who:

  • Are age 65 and older, or
  • Are younger than 65 but have specific disabilities, or
  • Have end-stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure require dialysis or a transplant)

Medicare parts A & B cover 80% of the cost of Medicare covered services. The remaining 20% is your responsibility. In the table below we have summarized your main options to receive coverage.

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Medicare Part A
(Hospital Insurance)

Part A Covers:

  • Hospital stays
  • Skilled nursing fascilities
  • Hospice care
Medicare Part B
(Medical Insurance)

Part B Covers:

  • Doctor services
  • Outpatient care
  • Prevententive services
  • Medical supplies
Original Medicare (also called Traditional Medicare)
Medicare Part D
(Prescription Drug Plans)

Part D Covers:

  • Prescription Drugs not included in part B
Medicare Part C
(Medicare Advantage)

Part C Covers:

  • Everything covered by part A & B
  • Additional benefits not coverd by Medicare (may include Dental, Vision, and Hearing)
  • Typically included prescription drug coverage

Medicare timeline - when can I enroll?

3 Months Before Your 65 Birthday Month 3 Months After

Usually you should enroll in Medicare three months before your 65th birthday. You could also be entitled to special enrollment periods.

What are my different Medicare options after turning 65?

You have two options to receive your Medicare coverage. Both require that you have Medicare Part A and Part B.

Original Medicare Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare
Parts A & B

Original Medicare &
Medicare Supplement



Covers 80% of Medicare Approved Services

Fills gaps in Original Medicare

Out of network benefits

Predictable Costs
***Estimated Cost

Monthly Part B premium (*$144.60)

Monthly Part B premium (*$144.60) & Cost for **Medigap Plan

Monthly Part B premium (*$144.60) & Plan Premiums Starting at **$0

Monthly Part B premium (*$144.60) & Plan Premiums Starting at **$0
Prescription Drugs

Not covered

Requires a PDP at additional cost

Typically included

Typically included

Providers that Accept Medicare Assignment
(No Referrals)

Providers that Accept Medicare Assignment
(No Referrals)

Provider Network & Out-of-Network option at higher cost
(No Referrals)

Must Use Provider Network
(Referrals may be required)
Additional Benefits


Limited Benefits

Dental, Vision, Hearing, OTC, Gym and more

Dental, Vision, Hearing, OTC, Gym and more
*2020 Part B monthly premium. This amount can be higher based on income. 
**This is the monthly premium for the health coverage. 
***These costs vary per plan. Speak to a Connie Advisor for details.

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