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5 Reasons To Switch Medicare Plans

Healthcare is expensive and constantly changing, that’s why we recommend you review your Medicare plan every year. Learn the top reasons you should should review your plan options and how to switch plans if you find a better plan.

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1. Make sure you are getting the best deal

Every year smart shoppers find ways to save hundreds of dollars by switching to a Medicare Advantage plan. If you are already on a Medicare Advantage plan you may be able to find a plan with lower monthly premiums and co-pays. Even if you are on a $0 premium plan, you may be able to find a plan that covers your prescription drugs at lower cost and potentially save hundreds of dollars on your medications.

When shopping for lower rates it is important to find plans that are lower cost and include the doctors you go to. Luckily, with Connie Health’s online tool, you enter your drugs and doctor and see which plan has your doctors and can save you money!

2. Review if you’re on the right type of plan

If you are on a Medicare Supplement plan switching to a Medicare Advantage PPO plan can potentially save you thousands of dollars on premiums and get you extra benefits not covered by Original Medicare such as Dental, Vision, Hearing and more.

In recent years, Medicare Advantage PPO plans have become increasingly popular because they combine the lower premiums of Medicare Advantage with the out of network benefits that allow you to see any doctor, similar to a Medicare Supplement plan.

3. Find the care you deserve

In recent years many Americans on Medicare have experienced a lack in access to quality care. If it is increasingly difficult for you to find quality doctors or you have a good doctor that you can’t see when you need to. You might be surprised that switching your Medicare plan might unlock opportunities for quality care. Some Medicare Advantage plans that we work with have partnered with physician groups to provide quality care to their members.

If you have a difficult time finding quality providers, give us a call at 623-223-8884 (TTY: 711) and we can discuss options that can offer you great care while still paying a $0 premium and in some cases $0 copays to see your doctors.

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4. Get the benefits you care about

Not all plans are created equal when it comes to benefits. You might be surprised but even if you have a $0 premium plan, getting a plan that covers the benefits you care about might save you even more money. Medicare Advantage plans cover benefits like Dental, Vision, Hearing, gym memberships, Over the counter health and wellness products which you might be spending out of pocket for today. 

Each plan covers these benefits in a different way and it is important to find the plan that covers the benefits you care about. Luckily, with Connie Health’s online tool you can enter the benefits you care about and see which plan covers them best.

5. Switching Medicare plans is easier than you think

There are several ways you can switch plans:

  1. Speak to an agent – local agents understand the local plans and healthcare networks and are best positioned to help you make the right decision. Our team can meet in person or over the phone and answer any questions you might have. When you enroll with our team you will be automatically enrolled in our white glove service and we will continue to support you with any healthcare questions or issues.
  2. Enroll online – If you feel you have everything you need to make a decision you can enroll online. If you enroll online through Connie Health you will be automatically enrolled in our white glove service and we will continue to support you throughout your healthcare journey. 
  3. Enroll directly with the insurance company – this is always an option, though it doesn’t save you any money. Please keep in mind that if you choose this option and run into difficulties you won’t have an agent to consult with or who can advocate for you.

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