Medicare Coverage

Discovering what each plan covers can help you avoid high out-of-pocket costs and ensure that you get the care and medications you need from the doctors that you trust. Learn what plans cover and how you can expand coverage to get dental, vision, hearing, and other benefits.

Does Medicare cover skin cancer screening?

Sandra from Laguna Woods, California, writes to ask Connie, "Does Medicare cover skin cancer screening?" Read to discover the answer.Read more

Medicare Cancer Coverage: Screenings, Treatment & Plans

What’s included in Medicare cancer coverage? Discover the preventative screenings and treatments Medicare covers, plus plans to consider.Read more

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Caring For Aging Parents: 5 Conversations You Should Have Now

Are you caring for aging parents? Or preparing to? Here are 5 healthcare conversations you should have with your now - and signs to watch for.Read more

5 Ways to Save: Medicare Diabetic Supplies, Plans & Services

Have diabetes? Discover the top 5 ways to save on approved Medicare diabetic supplies, plans, and services.Read more

5 Medicare Scams & Scam Calls to Avoid this Annual Enrollment Period

Discover the 5 most prevalent Medicare scams and scam calls this year. Plus, how to look out for - avoid, and report them.Read more

Does Medicare cover Wegovy?

Judith from Tampa, Florida, writes to ask Connie, "Does Medicare cover Wegovy?" Read to discover the answer.Read more

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