aep medicare enrollment guide for seniors and caregivers

AEP Medicare Enrollment Guide Helps Older Americans and Caregivers Navigate Medicare with Confidence

With 98% of people over 65 on Medicare and 1 in 6 Americans caring for a friend or family member aged 50 or older, there are essential things to know before selecting a healthcare plan this annual enrollment season. However, we recently learned that more than two-thirds of Medicare plan users admitted to not reviewing their coverage and costs during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) last year, according to Connie Health’s 2023 AEP survey.

Most healthcare policies renew every year. Being aware of any changes to doctors, prescriptions, and out-of-pocket expenses is integral to staying in control of your health. By arming yourself with the right tools and information during AEP, selecting the best healthcare plan for yourself or someone you care for is possible.

Good healthcare starts with a great plan.

When hundreds of new Medicare plan options become available during AEP, it might feel easier to maintain the same plan year after year. However, there are simple-to-follow, proactive steps you can take during annual enrollment to help you secure the appropriate amount of coverage, reduce healthcare headaches, and focus on the joys of retirement throughout the year.

Here are four tools Connie Health created to help you navigate your Medicare journey:

Annual Enrollment Period Checklist

During the Annual Enrollment Period, protect yourself from out-of-pocket expenses or medical debt. An annual plan review can help you understand changes to your health coverage and protect you from unexpected costs.

Connie Health’s 15 yes-or-no question Annual Enrollment Period checklist will prepare you for your Medicare plan review. By answering questions about your current healthcare needs, changes to your financial and healthcare budget, and how well your current plan is working for you – you’ll be prepared to review your plan with confidence.

Caregiver’s Checklist

You’ve taken on an essential role in ensuring your family member or friend is enrolled in a Medicare plan tailored to their health and budget needs. And you’re not alone. More Americans are stepping up to care for friends, family, and neighbors.

These 20 yes-or-no questions will help you prepare for their Medicare plan review. By answering questions about their current healthcare needs, their financial & healthcare budget, and how well their plan is working for them now – you’ll feel more prepared, confident, and less stressed about coordinating this important information during a call or visit from a Connie Health agent.

In this Caregiver’s Checklist, we’ve also included critical reminders for preventative screenings and additional support you may need as a caregiver.

Medicare Calendar & Enrollment Period Definitions

Making the most of your Medicare coverage will help you gain more from all the parts of your policy. Save these important reminders to navigate your healthcare journey throughout the year confidently. Use our enrollment period definitions guide to refresh your memory on when you could be eligible for a plan change should your health, budget, or circumstances change. Download the Medicare Enrollment Guide to access the Medicare Calendar and Enrollment Period Definitions.

Medicare 101 & Key Terms Refresher

Each year during the Annual Enrollment Period, give yourself a quick refresher on essential industry terms and coverages to go into next year with even more confidence and control over your Medicare plan.

In our Medicare 101 and Key Term Refresher, review what you’re likely already enrolled in – Original Medicare Parts A & B – the government’s most basic coverage. And how to expand your Original Medicare, including Medicare Parts C, D, and Medigap.

Wherever you are in your healthcare journey, use this guide during AEP to help alert you to important dates and topics to pay attention to. If you know a caregiver, share this guide to help them confidently navigate Medicare. Connie Health is here to help guide you throughout the Medicare journey. Call Connie Health at (623) 223-8884 for your free, no-obligation plan review. 

Download the AEP Medicare Enrollment Guide: aep medicare enrollment guide for seniors and caregivers table of contents

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