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is florida blue medicare

Is Florida Blue Medicare?

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Dear Connie,

I recently turned 65, and I’m looking at my Medicare options. I’ve come across this website called Florida Blue. There are so many scams out there that I’m worried about signing up for the wrong thing. I’m wondering, is Florida Blue Medicare?

Ron from Orange, Florida

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Dear Ron,

That’s a great question, and I’m so happy you reached out.

You may be familiar with the insurance company called Blue Cross and Blue Shield. As a private insurance company, they offer HMO plans under the name Florida Blue. I know it can be confusing.

Florida Blue Medicare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida are affiliates of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida and Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Under the Florida Blue name, they offer Medicare Advantage plans (Part C), Prescription Drug coverage (Part D), and Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap).

Agent tip:

“If you’re wondering if Florida Blue is Original Medicare, it is not. Original Medicare is operated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).“

Florida Blue offers three types of Medicare Advantage plans – HMO, PPO, and HMO DSNP.

  • HMO plans can help you save money by having a Primary Care Physician (PCP) coordinate your care with specialists and other healthcare providers. Other than emergencies, you must stay in-network and obtain referrals for specialist visits.
  • PPO plans tend to cost more than HMOs, but they don’t require referrals, and you can see providers out-of-network. You should, however, expect to pay more for those services.
  • HMO DSNP plans cover people with “dual eligible special needs.” Typically, you would have both Medicare and Medicaid.

Although Florida Blue plans are sold throughout Florida, prices and availability depend on which county you live in. In many counties, the only Florida Blue Medicare option is the BlueMedicare Choice PPO plan.

Florida Blue offers two types of Prescription Drug coverage – BlueMedicare Premier Rx (PDP) and Blue Medicare Complete Rx (PDP). To learn about Florida Blue Medicare plan options in your county, speak with a local licensed Connie Health agent at (623) 223-8884.

If you’re wondering if Florida Blue is Original Medicare, it is not. Original Medicare is operated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). When you first become Medicare eligible, you’ll want to sign up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. We’re happy to help you sign up for them. Simply reach out to us at (623) 223-8884.

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Once you’re signed up for Medicare Part A and B, you must decide to expand your Florida Medicare plan coverage. A Medicare Advantage plan in Florida provides the same coverage as Part A and B with extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

Or, if you’d like to keep your Original Medicare Part A and B, you can sign up for Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D). A Medicare Supplement plan in Florida can help cover some or all of your out-of-pocket expenses. I know – it’s a lot to consider.

We share all of your plan options and a diagram of “Your Medicare Plan Options” in our article “Florida Medicare Plans.” I recommend that you visit the article for Medicare 101 in Florida. If you’d like the most comprehensive and in-depth information, we’ve created a Medicare in Florida guide.

We’re here to help if you need assistance deciding whether remaining on Original Medicare or enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan is the best option for your health and budget.

I hope that this information was helpful and clarified your question on whether Florida Blue is Medicare. Medicare can be confusing; you do not have to handle it alone.

At Connie Health, we help you throughout your Medicare journey. If you’re ever skeptical about a plan you see online, contact a local licensed Connie Health agent at (623) 223-8884 (TTY: 711) for help.

Last updated: February 27, 2023

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