Medicare in Texas: Your Options & Important Deadlines

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Table of Contents: Medicare in Texas  Medicare Plan Options in Texas Original Medicare (Part A & B) Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plans) Enrollment Deadlines in Texas Medicare in Texas Medicare is a United States federal health insurance program. In Texas, as in the rest of […]

What is Medicare Part A and What Does it Cover?

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Medicare is a United States federal health insurance program that reduces the cost of healthcare services. Medicare plans cover people aged 65 or older, younger people who meet disability eligibility requirements, and individuals with specific diseases such as End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  Table of Contents: Eligibility & How to Enroll […]

Will I Automatically Get Medicare with Social Security Benefits?

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Will You Automatically Receive Medicare Coverage with Social Security Benefits? In some cases, yes.  If you’re already getting benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), you’ll automatically be enrolled in both Part A and Part B starting the first day of the month you turn 65. If your birthday is on the […]

When Do I Stop Paying Medicare and Social Security Taxes?

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How are your Social Security and Medicare benefits funded? Through your earned income. Payroll taxes under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) or the Self-Employed Contributions Act (SECA) fund your Social Security benefits—including Medicare.  If you are employed or self-employed in the United States you pay FICA or SECA taxes. These payroll deductions fund your […]

Maricopa County Medicare

Maricopa County is the nation’s 4th largest county in terms of population and one of the fastest-growing in the United States. As people continue to move to Phoenix and other Maricopa County cities, there is a growing need to educate residents about their new Medicare options. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Maricopa County, […]

Medicare vs. Medicaid – Understand The Key Differences

Medicaid and Medicare are both health insurance programs that are government-sponsored and operated. However, they differ dramatically in eligibility, what government entity oversees the program and what each program costs. Let’s dive a little deeper. Medicare vs. Medicaid Difference #1 – Eligibility Medicaid is designed primarily for those with limited financial resources. But Medicaid eligibility […]

How Medicare Plans Change When You Move

Can I change my Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan if I move? Medicare Part A and Part B will move with you. However, Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans and Part D drug plans can change if you move out of your plan’s service area. Check with your insurance plan to learn more. If you move […]

How to Choose the Right Medicare Plan for You

Which Medicare providers can you see? This is usually the most important question as people approach Medicare eligibility. There are two good reasons: You probably have doctors or hospitals you are comfortable with As you get older you will probably need more medical care Here’s who you can see with each plan Original Medicare Medicare […]

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Higher prescription drug costs ultimately affect all consumers. Studies have shown that these increased drug costs ultimately result in higher premiums and deductibles. As a Medicare recipient you may have a limited, fixed income. Also, you may find yourself needing more prescription medications over time. For these reasons, prescription drug costs may have a significant […]

Arizona Medicare PPO Guide

What’s a Medicare Advantage PPO and how does it work? A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a medical insurance plan that uses a network of providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) to provide medical coverage. Unlike an HMO, in a PPO you don’t have to see your primary care physician (PCP) before you see a specialist. Additionally, […]