Maria Corchado Connie Health Licensed Medicare Agent Arizona

Maria Corchado

Licensed Medicare Agent in Arizona

About Maria

I am passionate about serving and giving back to my community and looking out for the needs of others. After almost 4 years of assisting individuals find a healthcare plan they need, I get a great sense of fulfillment knowing I am able to help. Being bilingual in Spanish, I recognize my ability to assist more people obtain healthcare and I very much look forward to it. I enjoy the little things in life like relaxing outdoors and playing with my baby brother. My hobbies include watching movies, creating art, and cooking. My favorite time of year is summer when I can hit the beach and visit family in California.

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Give me a call or send me an email if you would like help finding the right Medicare coverage in Arizona. I look forward to hearing from you!

Phone Number: (623) 232-3763

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