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medicare part b coverage

Does Medicare cover assisted living in Texas?

Jennifer from Grand Prairie, Texas writes to ask Connie, "Does Medicare cover assisted living in Texas?" Read to discover if it does.Read more

When Do I Stop Paying Medicare and Social Security Taxes?

Discover when you'll stop paying medicare and social security taxes. And why those taxes are valuable for your future retirement benefits.Read more

Will I Automatically Get Medicare with Social Security Benefits?

Receiving Social Security? You’ll be automatically enrolled in Medicare. Discover how these benefits work together.Read more

Find the right Medicare plan for you

How Medicare Plans Change When You’re Moving

On Medicare and moving? You may need to let your plan know to prevent coverage issues, or change Medicare plans.Read more

What is Medicare Part B and What Does it Cover?

Medicare Part B is a health insurance program that reduces medical service costs for those qualified. Discover which care is covered.Read more

2022 Medicare Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus resources for older adults, including information on what COVID-19 prevention and care are covered by Medicare.Read more

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